ASSIST volunteers connect the Care Receivers to agencies that provide services for:

    • Financial Assistance
    • Meals or Transportation
    • Social Services
    • Home Care
    • Physical Therapy
    • Other unmet needs.

The ASSIST Program: At times, men and women need help while recovering at home from an illness or surgery. They may be unable to follow the instructions given by medical providers or to locate the resources necessary to aid in their recovery.

These men and women, whom we call Care Receivers, are referred to ASSIST from medical facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, home health care and doctors’ clinics.

ASSIST Volunteers are assigned to the Care Receivers to connect them with needed help and resources as follows:

  • An ASSIST Supervisor and Volunteer will visit the home of the Care Receiver to determine the assistance needed for the Care Receiver to regain their health and independence.
  • The ASSIST Volunteer will connect the Care Receiver with agencies that provide the needed services.
  • The ASSIST Volunteer will review the help provided and visit periodically with the Care Receiver to encourage them in the process of healing.