Addidtional Mental Health Info.

Additional Mental Health Information

Sunburst Community Service FoundationLocations- Kalispell, Eureka, Libby, St. Ignatius and Polson Montana. There are also Tele-Psychiatry, however participants would need to be present in one of the five locations to access tele-med equipment. Mental Health: Psychiatric services (via our psychiatric nurse practitioners and our family nurse practitioner), Medication coaching, Case Management (service coordination), Community Based Rehabilitation and Support Services and Therapy. Our Kalispell location has a drop in center, open to the public 5 days a week. Persons accessing the drop in center have to access to case management, coordination, peer to peer support, and a warm safe place to 'be'. In our Kalispell office we have our drop in center for walk in access to resources. Any person who identifies as, or who has been identified as needing support to achieve their own definition of recovery or wellness. We also receive referrals for supervised visitation services through our Family Concepts program. They accept all payment sources. We also offer application for sliding fee scale. We will not refuse services due to inability to pay.
Western Montana Mental Health CenterOutpatient mental health services are located at 410 Windward Way, Kalispell, MT 59901.
Crisis stabilization facility (Glacier House) is located at 412 Windward Way, Kalispell, MT 59901.
Lone Pine Group Home located in Kalispell, MT 59901. Additional outpatient mental health and crisis stabilization facilities located in Lake County.
They provide Clinical intakes and diagnostic assessments, Outpatient psychotherapy, Outpatient psychiatric medication management, Outpatient adult case management, Day treatment, Supported independent living, Program of Assertive Community Treatment (wraparound, community-based services). Emergency services, including evaluations by mental health professionals, typically conducted in the ER, 14 day Montana State Hospital diversions. The only mental health center with walk-in clinical intakes (Tues. 12-3, Fri 9-12), only PACT team in Kalispell. The only agency to provide community and hospital-based mental health evaluations, only crisis residential facility in Kalispell (outside of hospital system). Clients are seen by a clinician for intake open access walk-in hours. This entails completing a biopsychosocial assessment, a diagnostic evaluation, and providing both internal and external referrals. Often the clinic intake results in a determination of diagnosis and appropriate services (i.e., adult case management, therapy, day treatment, medication management, PACT). Appointments for these services are set up at time of intake. Anyone experiencing a mental health concern is ideal for the agency. Medicaid-funded services are limited to clients with serve and disabling mental illness. Individuals with private insurance or who utilize our sliding scale are not held to this SDMI requirement. Most often, a referral sources can recommend to the client that he or she complete a clinical intake through open access walk-in hours. Individuals can also schedule clinical intakes for other days/time by calling 257-1336. Medicaid, Medicare, the VA, the private health insurance companies. Fees are determined based on a client's income. The agency anticipates beginning open access hours for psychiatric medication management soon. This will hopefully help alleviate the gap of time between receiving a clinical intake and meeting with a prescriber.
Flathead Community Health CenterPeople can call 751-8113. They provide Medical, Dental, OB and Mental Health Care. Services provided FCHC is an integrated care clinic- we use behavioral health conjunction with medical providers to address underlying mental health issues present in chronic diseases. A patient is welcome to utilize the behavioral health component as a standalone service, or may choose to use the medical clinic as well as the behavioral health team to address their needs. What differentiates your among providers in the Valley We are co-located care clinic. We offer full medical care to people throughout their life span. Additionally we have trained market place insurance assistance who assist people in finding the right insurance for them. Furthermore, we are federally funded health center offering a sliding fee scale for those who qualify. We cannot turn anyone away for the inability to pay. Medical Walk in vary throughout the day, patients are encouraged to call. Walk in provides a regular medical check for emergencies. Mental health Walk in provide a screening, with as assessment scheduled for a later time. Types of conditions seen for Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, life transitions, as well as people wanting to make behavioral changes to address unmanaged diabetes, obesity, and pain management. All insurances accepted or self pay and family planning grant, Sliding Fee option with minimum $15.
The Newman CenterCall 758-5155. A referral from your primary care provider or physician works best Self-referrals are welcome. No Walk-ins. Our clinic is designed for a low level outpatient therapy candidate. We are not a mental health center and not able to serve clients needing multiple community mental health services or severe mental illness. Patients may be seen and then deemed not appropriate for what can provide and will refer elsewhere. Most insurances accepted also Medicaid and Medicare accepted. You can apply through hospitals policy and process.
North Valley Embrace HealthThey provide mental services cater to the unique health needs of seniors, and are constructed around group therapy as the primary modality of treatment. We believe that bring patients together with their contributes to the healing environment, encourages hope, and supports. The specialties they provide are group psychotherapy for seniors with excellent coordination of care across the patient's medical team. The group therapy modality promotes accessing social support, and destigmatizes receiving mental health care. Licensed Clinical Social Workers facilitating insight-oriented therapy in a very small group format. A Board-certified psychiatrist oversees each patient's care. Specializing in seniors' mental health provided by Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Board Certified Psychiatrist as Medical Director, transportation when indicated. If an LCSW were available when a potential patient walked in, then that LCSW could provide a screening for services. If none were available, then the patient could get an appointment to be seen at a later date or time. People most commonly seen are patients over 55 with moderate to serve depression and/or anxiety. Common patient situations include: patients who frequently visit their PCP with vague, shifting complaints such as fatigue and pain, but examination does not reveal clear medical basis for complaints, patients who visit the Emergency Room with panic symptoms, patients whose family calls the physician with concerns regarding depression, remarks about waniting to die of feeling worthless, social isolation/withdrawal, hopelessness or helplessness. Patientswho describe feeling hopeless, anxious, sad, and/or increasingly preoccupied with losses.
Patients who could not benefit include: those with progressive dementia or moderate-severe cognitive impairments; those are bed-bound, in acute medical crisis, or who require personal assistance for toileting transfers; those whose scores on depression and anxiety screening indicate they either do not have difficulties in these area or are denying such. Medicare and Medicaid are accepted and other commercial insurances.
Flathead Valley Chemical Dependency ClinicWalk-in hours, Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00pm. They offer screening, crisis intervention if necessary, scheduling for additional/further diagnostic evaluation. Patients must have a substance related problems. Client can contact agency and/or professional can assist with referral linkage. Medicaid, Private Insurance, Federal Substance Abuse Treatment Block Grant. Sliding scale also available.
HCBS SDMI WaiverCase management, homemaker service, PAS, substance use related help, dietitian meal, life coach, pain management, private duty nursing, peer support, transportation, health and wellness. Case management around services for those with mental illness. Patients commonly seen are those with SDMI diagnosis that needs services to remain in home and not actively having suicidal thoughts or poor management of lives. Call Mountain Pacific Quality Health Foundation 1-800-219-7035 for SDMI Waivers.
Pathways Treatment CenterPathways is a department of KRMC and provides acute hospitalization for psychiatric and or chemical dependency. This short term stay and the highest level of care. Must meet medical necessity. It is a voluntary admission unless deemed involuntary by an MHP in the emergency room. Acute and medically necessary psychiatric and or detox. We are the only psych and hospital detox available in the area. Call 756-3950 or go to the ER. Emergent psychiatric acute hospitalization and or medically necessary detox with a treatment TX provider in place. Anyone can refer but MD/ER referral is preferred. Most insurance accepted, Medicaid or Medicare also accepted, sliding scale also available. This is a short term and a average length of stay is 5.2 days for adults. This is not a long term facility. Placing as aging dementia pt. here without a home situation is detrimental to them and their family because it makes finding a nursing home rare. Usually must be an ED and is sent to Warm Springs, then they send on to Lewiston. Patients are admitted by medical necessity despite payer source. Patients will receive a bill and may apply for financial help thru our patients accounts service.

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